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Application of PCB Membrane Switch in the Smartphone

Smartphones do not have bump buttons, and second, touch buttons, which is the scope of film panels.

Many people think that the membrane switch panel is far away from them. In fact, mobile phones are a must-have device in our lives, especially smartphones have become the most common tool.

telecommunicational application of Komkey

Membrane switch, sometimes we call it a touch-sensitive keyboard. The application with the most touch-sensitive buttons is even in household appliances. It is because of the characteristics of the micro-switch and its small size and lightweight. Many applications of our daily contact. There are, for example, TV buttons, DVD buttons, computer buttons, optical drive buttons, keyboard buttons, display buttons, lighting buttons, and so on.

The scope of application is wide in general, not only meets the requirements of most membrane switch panels, but also the high transmittance of glossy PCs can meet the requirements of liquid crystal display windows. Its hardness and maximum toughness in thermoplastics, low water absorption, excellent wear, and abrasion resistance, and high dimensional stability. The tensile strength can also be very good, much higher than PC and PVC. The reason for the low price is that the surface is difficult to process into a matt type, so the price of textured PET is more expensive than the ideal material for making a membrane switch circuit.

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