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Different Materials for Different Applications of Membrane Switch

1.PVC film

PVC film, also known as PVC film, full name Polyvinylchlorid film. This structure is the uppermost layer of lacquer, a polyvinyl chloride intermediate the backsheet is adhesive-backed.

PVC film low price, and excellent in chemical resistance of the insulation, panel class label application, but not applied to the membrane switch type touch panel type.

Global use of PVC films the second-highest in a variety of synthetic materials.

2. PC film

PC film, also known as polycarbonate film, the thinnest is 0.01mm thick, amorphous, non-toxic, odorless, transparent and atomization of the low.

① chemical resistance Talent acid weak base alcohols and ethers, and high temperature (in a temperature range of -30 ℃ ~ 130 ℃), small temperature changes suddenly change PC film.

② excellent mechanical properties, high impact resistance and PC film elasticity, yield point force of about 60N / mm, is the strongest impact plastic.

③ processing adaptability may be compressed in different surface textures.

④ high dielectric strength, non-directional.

PC film is suitable for all kinds of signs film, switch panel and other occasions, relatively modest prices, electrical panel switch is the most common material.

3.PET film

PET film is also called a polyester film, is a more comprehensive performance film having good switching key life and excellent corrosion resistance to abrasion of the advantages of the appliance with the panel, excellent insulating properties, toughness, tensile strength and impact strength of the film is much higher than the average.

PET film prices slightly higher than the PC film, and can not be UV, generally used in high demand instruments and appliances panel.

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