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Membrane Switch Panel and Medical Device Innovation

One of the most important trends we see in the healthcare industry is the increasing adoption of electronic design strategies and components that drive significant growth in the consumer electronics, telecommunications, and data communications industries.

A few years ago, did anyone think that the medical device industry would adopt membrane switches for the home appliance industry, or embed mobile phone interconnection products into portable home and hospital monitoring devices? Who would have thought that ultra-precise surgical equipment could combine fiber optic and interconnect design techniques? The convergence of electronic technology and healthcare has clearly become a trend.

Komkey medical application

In terms of user interface buttons and switches, user interface buttons or membrane switch and panel originating from the white goods industry provide excellent cost performance for medical device manufacturers. Not only do they provide functionality, but they are also a "badge" on medical devices and one of the few user touchpoints. Thin-film switch applications available today include embedded LEDs, conductive films, silicone keyboard components, and a variety of language options. The capacitive touch screen provides the best visual contrast and sensitivity, even when wearing surgical gloves.

Komkey medical application

As more and more self-monitoring and treatment devices enter the home from the hospital, it is important for equipment manufacturers to ensure that the user interface (such as buttons, switches) has good design, clear readability and easy to clean features, and It is very important that the electronic device itself has reliable functionality, ease of use, and can withstand the durability of repeated use by patients.

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