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Standard Setting of Illuminated Membrane Switch in Electrical Industry

Illuminated thin membrane switch is a multi-layer structure (plane) type (non locking) key switch composed of a certain elastic insulating material layer. Because of its beautiful appearance, long service life and simple structure, it is widely used in all walks of life, ranging from household appliances to high-tech products. The main materials used are PC, PET and PVC. Mask glue, insulating layer and back glue layer material are double-sided adhesive.

1. Principle of the illuminated membrane switch

When the mask layer is not pressed, the isolation layer acts as an isolating function for the upper and lower lines. When the mask layer is pressed, the upper circuit is pressed down and coincided with the next line, so that the line is turned on, and the circuit after the conduction is connected to the external connecting instrument to realize the corresponding function.

2. Application requirements of the illuminated membrane switch

With the development of the world economy, "quality first" has become the common belief of the international business community. Vigorously carrying out the research and practice of quality management has become the main means for enterprises in various countries to win in the competition. The so-called "standard" is a yardstick to evaluate and measure product quality or service quality. It is the basis for enterprises to carry out product quality design and product quality management.

Without various standards, there is no way to manage; The so-called "standardization", according to the definition given to it by the international organization for standardization, refers to the process of formulating and implementing various rules carrying out orderly specific activities with the cooperation of all relevant parties for the interests of all relevant parties, especially for the promotion of the best comprehensive economy and due consideration of product use conditions and safety requirements. Membrane switch standardization is based on the comprehensive achievements of science, technology and experiment. It not only lays the current foundation, but also determines the future development. It is always consistent with the pace of development.

The standardization of membrane switch, including the implementation of technical standardization and other standards, also needs to be implemented in the quality management process of the enterprise. In this process, standards and standardization work are tested by practical work, from which nutrition is drawn and continuously developed, so as to obtain strong vitality. The process of quality management of membrane switch is also the process of standardization. At the same time, standardization also plays a full role in the implementation of quality management.

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