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PCB Membrane Keypad in Electronics

Electronic membrane switch technology in the electronics industry to play a very important role, but it is limited to an important step in the article certain components, and not complete the entire process of processing components, although it is improved in electronic products exterior decoration made contributions but did not get rid of passive position attached to the product. However, it is the touch membrane switch that combines the effect of screen printing in the electronics industry products that are assumed and independent electronic products. Membrane switch is not only a decorative effect on the appearance of the instrument panel, and a more complete functional role actuating element, the decorative and functional in one set.

Membrane switch occurs, is the inevitable outcome of the development of screen printing technology, it is not only from the screen printing membrane switch technologies but also to promote the development of high-tech areas of printing technology.

electronical application of Komkey

Tactile membrane switch in the control system of electronic products, some of the switches not only bulky, single function, and the appearance of the type commercially available is limited, it is difficult to meet the needs of electronic product development of the multi-function, miniaturization, intensive and intelligence. Screen printing technique using separate products processed - membrane switch emerged as the fourth generation of the switching element to the development of the electronics industry to provide timely assistance.

PCB membrane switch occurs, favored by the electronics industry, there has been a time such as membrane switches, touch switches, touch keys, and other named electronic panel. Referred to as a dome switch or membrane switch keyboard, which is based on the characteristics of the named material. It is usually sealed by the entire multilayer film structure of three or combination, set buttons, switches, functional marker panel, the reading on the display window, the light transparent window, the connection switch, the switch circuit lead, and a conventional panel It is marked letters, symbols, decorative content as a whole, thereby constituting the electronic cartridge handling system.

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