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Our products can be customized according to your requests!

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Membrane switch:

Membrane switches are critical in making sure of a good user experience. Providing a responsive and intuitive interface can help your product stand out. We make sure that everything we manufacture is custom designed to your precise specifications, ensuring that every impression is a good one.

Graphic Overlay:

Sample: Provide drawings that all dimension and physical characteristics

Colors: Identify colors by Pantone (PMS) RAL color number or a color sample.

Borders and Outlines: Avoid circles within circles, or outlines which are close to cutouts or outer edges.

File Format: It's best to receive design files from the native software packages.

Touch Panel:

Capacitive Touch Screen solutions

Four different PCAP construction options to choose from including Glass-Film-Film (GFF); Glass-Film (GF) and Double-Sided-ITO-Glass (GG2); Glass-Glass (GG); Resistive Touch Screen Solutions

We offer a full range of 4-, 5- and 8-Wire Resistive Touch Screens that are available in Film-Glass (FG), Film-Film-Glass (PL) and Glass-Film-Glass (GFG) constructions.

PCB with Metal Dome

We have a professional team to help the customers change the PCB circuit into a Polyester printing circuit. There are some designs with space limit which need to be changed from the Polyester circuit or Flexible circuit into Double-side or Multi-layer's PCB. In addition, we can provide some PCBA service, such as solder the components and assembling metal dome and different layers's(Overlay, Spacer) in PCB.

Cable Harness

Our Engineering and Operations team, with an average of 18 years of cable and harness manufacturing experience, have developed a wide variety of cable and harness products.

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