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PCB Membrane Switch in GPS

The membrane switch used as a GPS measuring instrument for fieldwork needs to be waterproof and easy to use. However, the waterproof membrane switch currently used has a switch protruding from the plane of the film, and it is easy to cause misoperation when not paying attention in use, and long-term bumps are likely to cause the surface film and the underlying circuit board is opened, thereby losing the waterproof effect.

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The new membrane switch ensures the smoothness of the surface of the membrane switch by increasing the thickness of the insulating material, thereby reducing the occurrence of misoperation and damage to the waterproof condition.

The membrane switch for the GPS measuring instrument comprises a circuit board and a surface film. The upper surface of the circuit board has a micro switch box signal lead line, and the microswitch is 0.4 mm above the surface of the PCB board, on the upper surface and the lower surface of the circuit board. The surface is respectively pasted with an insulating layer, and the surface layer film is attached to the insulating layer on the surface of the circuit board, and the insulating layer on the lower surface of the circuit board is provided with an outlet of the lead wire row, wherein the surface of the circuit board is insulated. The thickness of the layer is 0.5 mm, and a silicone potting is provided at the outlet of the lead wire.

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