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Intelligent Pressure Calibration Of Membrane Switch Panel

Membrane switch panel, also known as membrane switches, belongs to a kind of intelligent switch devices in the form of panel. Membrane switch panel is not rare and can be seen everywhere in the market and life, but the technology it used is indeed very high-tech. In the process of producing membrane switch panel, it needs to be verified generally with intelligent pressure verification method.

The introduction of the intelligent pressure calibrator can be seen as follows:

1. The intelligent pressure calibrator is a portable instrument for both AC and DC. While measuring the pressure, the current can be measured, and the current can be displayed on the LCD, with 24VDC output. In addition, a hand pump is installed on the front panel of the intelligent pressure calibrator, making it an ideal on-site calibration instrument.

2. It has high measurement accuracy. With high-performance microprocessor, it can continuously corrects the surface zero and line type to ensure that its zero point can keep for a long time and that its accuracy is outstandingly repeatable and stable.

3. With simple and clear cooperation, intelligent pressure calibrator has software that is rich in content.

4. It has novel styles and long-life keys because it uses membrane switch panel and imported light touch start.

5. It is intuitive, clear, compact and reasonable, with LCD backlight, pressure and current display.In addition, the intelligent pressure calibrator is small in size, light in weight and easy to carry.

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