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The Method Of Pasting The Membrane Switch Panel

Membrane switch is used with a very wide range, so it is used in a relative frequency. After the manufacturer has completed the production of the membrane switch, it will be sent to other manufacturers, after which a pasting process will be involved. So, what are the precautions when using the membrane switch? Let's take a look as follows.

The method of pasting the membrane switch panel:

Membrane switch is a collection of multiple key's functions. When you need to install it, you should clean the surface that the membrane switch needs to fit, because a clean surface can make the membrane switch fit normally. After tearing off the centrifugal paper, generally as long as the membrane switch is pasted, it can be used normally. However, during installation, you must complete this work at one time, not pasting multiple times. Also, the angle of tearing cannot exceed 15 degrees, otherwise it will affect the feel of the membrane switch in the later use. When you need to touch it after the installation is complete, you must lay the membrane switch flat on the table before pressing, because if the table top is not flat, it will affect the service life of the membrane switch.

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