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How to Develop the Capacitive Touch to Grab the Market Key

At this stage, most of the patents related to capacitive touch technology are mastered by several major manufacturers. The quality of the key touch IC affects the performance of the actual touch experience, because capacitive touch uses the ITO of the LCD panel to be coated with transparent wires to form an electric field on the surface of the panel. When the user touches with a finger, the capacitance value changes. At this time, the touch IC converts the precise touch coordinates. The whole process of the panel Noise may be received at the same time, and the motion sensing operation process is complicated. Among them, there are a bunch of patented technical restrictions that prevent other manufacturers from easily entering the market. Manufacturers may also hinder the cost of touch ICs, resulting in increased product costs.

It is generally believed that capacitive touch technology is more difficult to break through the size limit, and the size that may be developed is smaller than that of resistive touch. In fact, capacitive touch is not impossible for larger-sized panels, but its cost structure cannot compete with resistive touch panel technology of the same size, resulting in less interest in the relevant manufacturers to discuss production.

Observing the cost of a 15-inch touch screen, the use of capacitive touch technology will increase the cost by 3 to 4 times that of resistive technology. However, this situation has been improved a lot with the efforts of various manufacturers. The original cost gap is gradually closing, and the size of the lab test can reach a spectrum close to 40 inches.

However, the key to the realization of capacitive touch technology is to sense the slight current change caused by the user's touch on the screen. If the size of the panel developed continues to increase, the noise received by the touch sensing IC will increase sharply, and the large panel will also bring more stringent noise suppression test of touch IC.

In addition, the current practice of capacitive touch panels is to coat ITO with transparent wires. The larger the panel, the higher the impedance. There is a considerable possibility that the induction trigger signal is not even and the trigger status cannot be clearly confirmed. The new method is to use array scanning to improve, the panel area is divided into several square areas, through the system step by step to detect the test. Due to multi-task analysis, the performance limitation of a single sensor IC can be compensated, and the background noise can be filtered out systematically through multi-party comparison analysis.

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