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A Swiss Customer Visited Komkey with Satisfaction

Open the door to all of the customers is Komkey's main concept, Komkey welcome for customers visiting and provide good suggestions for us. By the customer's visiting, we can see we improve the way step by step. 

A Customer Visit Komkey

Switzerland customer visits Komkey in Sep 2019. Who take their new design (Membrane switch backlight project) to engineer, Engineer had warmly discussion with the customer in the office.

After meeting, We take the customer to visit our office and workshop, Introduce our machine equipment, Product flow chart, and the product capacity, and we take the picture with the customer in the front desk finally 

A Customer Visit Komkey

We take the customer to China’s restaurant by the lunchtime, this is a Hunan restaurant, it’s very spicy. But the customer likes China’s food very much, He told us this is a good way to know china’s culture. The customer enjoys this lunch and take a lot of pictures about it.

A Customer Visit Komkey

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