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Features of Capacitive Touch Panel

What are the features of capacitive touch panel?

1. 10mm of body thickness, imported capacitive buttons, and high-brightness LED backlight board.

2. Capacitive touch panel has ultra-light curved surface, thin and round, comfortable to grip, tempered glass body with ultra-light 7 series aluminum metal frame, and water drop arc waist design.

3. Song control button: cut song/original or accompaniment sing/re-sing/volume +-/, etc.; cheers and inverted control atmosphere button: to add atmosphere to the private room; call and cancellation service: service light house number is required.

4. Big screen and big field of vision enable people to see more clearly. The 7.5-inch large screen is still clearly visible under strong light. The 7.5-inch large screen, with ultra-precision glass screen printing technology, prints the ink on the surface of the tempered glass, and then uses the ink curing measures to make the color of the pattern strong and durable. Such high definition is absolutely no grainy, which is not the LCD screen can challenge.

5. Capacitive touch buttons lead to longer life. Using imported capacitive button chip IC, the touch is more sensitive, the service life is longer, and the effective touch of the finger is accurately detected. It is waterproof, anti-interference, super protection, the contact between the glass panel and the finger is absolutely gentle and natural. You only need to touch it lightly and will get the response immediately. This is the beauty of capacitive buttons.

6. The hardness of the ultra-hard tempered glass panel of the capacitive touch panel is fully upgraded. The hardness of the glass panel in the display area of the control panel is higher than the H3 level of the same level on the market, which is more anti-skid and more resistant to smashing.

7. Capacitive touch panel has super bright LED backlight. The brightness of the LED backlight is high, and the body is thinner and the colors are softer. The LED backlight is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, with low radiation, long life, low heat, and low power.

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