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Intelligent Pressure Check of Membrane Switch Panel

Membrane switch is an intelligent switching device in the form of a panel, which can be seen everywhere in the market and some other place in life.  The check needs to be a membrane switch panel during the production of membrane switch, a method generally used in intelligent pressure calibrator. So what kind of impact would it have?
1, portable intelligent pressure calibrator is the outer AC and DC together, pressure may be measured in the measurement current, with apparent on LCD, and with 24VDC output. Coupled with the front panel of the device has an on-site verification appearance repression hand pump, making it the ambition.

2, electronic assembly manufacturer of high-performance microprocessors understand zero and linear appearance successively correcting, to ensure the accuracy of the look time zero and having excellent stability and repeatability, high accuracy measurement.

3, micro-power under-voltage protection function active, even if the operator to ensure that the appearance of a series of the boot is too long for any reason and will not result in less damage to the battery voltage.

4, the outer rich range function, use of a table, having a plurality of individual apparent, may appear pressure, current, pressure, or pressure of water, and the current percentage kg together.

5, the label manufacturer nameplate learned constant current charging, a battery overcharge voltage, under-voltage automatic shutdown function, and the proactive maintenance to ensure the battery due to overcharge without damage or under pressure, the use of long-life battery (not necessarily prolonged, charging time interval for three months).

6, intelligent selection pressure calibrator performance CPU and a temperature sensor on the active surface temperature drift compensation, the use of temperature to ensure the accuracy of the scale width.

7, low power consumption. After the thin-film battery panel filled, ensuring a long operating time in the successive film panel accuracy.

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