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What are the Requirements of Membrane Panels for Membranes?

For membrane switch panels and membrane switches, membranes are very important. In order to produce higher-quality products, each material needs to be selected carefully, especially when choosing membranes ,because there are so many types and models membrane, each material has various characteristics and shortcomings. So what requirements do membrane panels and membrane switches have for membranes? What are the advantages or characteristics of the membrane that is used to make the membrane panel?

1. Good appearance. It means that the membrane used to make the panel has smooth surface, consistent gloss, and it is free of surface defects such as mechanical damage, scratches, inclusions, and stains.

2. Better chemical resistance. The panel layer may touch different chemicals, but it has a certain resistance to most common chemicals, such as alcohols, ethers, and mineral oils.

3. Better weather resistance. The panel layer is the surface layer of the membrane switch exposed to the natural environment. The panel material must be able to be free from deformation, cracking, aging and discoloration under certain natural environmental conditions.

4. Good dimensional stability. The membrane, which is made according to the requirement of membrane switch, has no obvious change in size within a certain temperature range (generally -40℃~55℃) .

5. Flexible requirements. It requires that the membrane panel has a certain degree of weakening performance, and at the same time, the elastic deformation of the membrane switch should be small, which can be judged by the elongation of the material. Generally speaking, the greater the elongation, the greater the amount of elastic deformation and the worse the elastic energy.

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