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Features of Waterproof Membrane Switch

In daily life, we all know that common membrane switches can be used in a variety of environments with good water resistance, and are also very good in terms of oil, dust, and moisture resistance. But we don't know what kind of characteristics the waterproof, oil-proof, and moisture-proof membrane switch has, what the difference is between it and the one without these characteristics, why it has such a good effect, what the characteristics of a membrane switch with strong waterproof performance are, and what kind of substance makes it operate normally in front of rain.

The main feature of the waterproof membrane switch is that it is coated with a waterproof insulating layer on the conductive circuit surface so that the conductive circuit does not directly contact the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer. In addition, it doesn't have holes where the range between the upper/lower circuit surfaces and the conductive lines is within 5m/m. And its interlayer vent holes do not connect with the outside. Thus, the conditions are impoved that the insulation resistance of the conductive circuit decreases and the moisture penetrates into the circuit. Therefore, it has good waterproof and moisture-proof properties. 

Besides, it is concluded that a membrane switch that is not waterproof does not have the above requirements, and it cannot have waterproof performance. The membrane switch with strong waterproof performance has the following characteristics. It is made of high-performance waterproof materials, so that the product can be used in 95% humid environments. It can be used in harsh environments without worrying about rain.

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