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Some Characteristics of Membrane Switch

Membrane switch has good waterproof, dust, oil, anti-corrosion of harmful gases, stable and reliable performance, lightweight, small size, long life, easy Assembled, the panel can be washed with characters from injury, rich color, nice advantage. The use of membrane switch makes your products more characteristic of the times. The main types of membrane switch is a membrane switch panel of a rigid or flexible printed circuit board as a base, there is no feeling or touch keys mounted, then covered with a decorative printed pattern of colored plastic (polycarbonate PC, PET polyester, etc.) constituting the film panel, set the switching function and decorative functions as one of the electronic components, it is a new interactive interface. Its connection to the switching circuit may be employed with the machine of welding or a pluggable manner to complete.

0.25mm and a thickness of the plastic substrate film hereinafter, mainly used as layer membrane switch panel, which is printed on the back of various patterns indicative of text to represent the area corresponding to the opening operation of the key bit, should be selected depending on the thickness size of the panel and the keys may be, material thickness, touch forces increase, unresponsive; material is too thin, poor hand when touched, rebound obvious. The thickness of the sheet referred to above 0.25mm, is not suitable for forming three-dimensional bonds, can be used as no signs indicative of key operation panel area, but also as a lining membrane switch to increase its hardness.

Circuit layer printing material: preparing a circuit substrate should polyester (polyethylene glycol terephthalate) film (Polyester abbreviated PET). It has good insulation and heat resistance, high mechanical strength, transparency and gas tightness, in particular, having high elasticity and bending, is an ideal material membrane switch circuit.

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