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Four Main Features of Membrane Switch

Membrane switch key function is set, indicating element, the instrument panel as one of an operating system. The panel, on the circuit, the isolation layer, the circuit composed of four parts. Touch is turned type normally open switch, the membrane switch under normal circumstances, the contact OFF state, we understand the following four bright spots membrane switch:

Also known as touch membrane switch keyboard, the overall structure of a planar multilayer seal combination is key switch panel, numerals, signs show that liner and sealed optical, mechanical, and electrical integration of the new electronic components, electronic structure of fundamental changes appearance, it can replace a conventional separate key element, to more reliably execute the operating system tasks.
(1) Durability

Compared with the conventional switch, membrane switch life will generally be a little longer, since the amplitude is a very small and reasonable choice of materials, so that the film can withstand a sufficient number of uses. Further, the switch contact is achieved vertical contact manner, it can be very effective at reducing the degree of wear so that the use life is long. Membrane switch manufacturers

(2) better tightness

As a result of the overall structure in a sealed manner, such that the internal contacts are not susceptible to oxidation, it is also effective to obtain the effect of water and dust, it would be more suitable for a variety of environments.

(3) reliable structure

Membrane keyboard arranged on the design, which makes it a very small size, relatively lightweight, and reliable in structure.

(4) appearance

Membrane switch manufacturers can also tell you that they want to have our own design or color pattern on pattern, which is also a relatively good decorative effect.

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