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How to Fix the Membrane Switch If Broken?

Anything in the use of maintenance and repair needs, then, is how membrane switch repair it?

1. Unpack the film panel again to open the top layer of the film according to health. Each of the connecting positions with a multimeter isolated by the Kin switching point of the circuit board to ensure the connection point of the switch after the modification and corresponding to the original.

2, at each switching point of the lower layer film with good positioning, tapered metallic cone bit dish plate holes. The size of the perforations than the logo switch actual column dimensions are slightly larger. Logo switch according to ensure the health column moves up and down unobstructed bore appropriate. If the hole is too small will switch ring-shaped resilient action switch malfunction.

3, Gold and Iron tablets of each aperture plate. The logo printed play switch fixed plate. Each switch and press the corresponding connection point Na connect the cable. The real space position while the third metal plate between the display panel 2 and the corresponding left the edge of the printing plate drama. A fixed switching plate. Because the new switch plate is a metal plate in between the display panel and the LEDs in the printing plate must also be perforated with holes corresponding to the display panel position indicator 2 to ensure that the light-emitting tube passes through the display panel from PCB a display panel can see the signal. At the same time have a certain distance between the two circuit boards and to prevent short circuits.

As long as the replacement of the same type and specifications of the membrane switch panels can (scouring the Internet, as long as there are not very old models), as long as the replacement control plates removed, as long as the basic ability will do (if not the ability it is no chance). If the buy membrane switch panel, may be changed to a micro switch, to a wiring circuit according to the old membrane switch panel, the panel by drilling, mounting the microswitch, silica gel stationary and the wiring, the wiring on it.

These are some of the ways the maintenance of membrane switches, membrane switch need to order you can contact us.

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