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Note for Making Membrane Switch Panel

When the membrane switch is manufactured, the characters will be printed on the membrane panel. Need to check carefully to prevent errors. To this end, I will tell you about the precautions for making membrane switch panels.

1. First of all, you should know the size of your design and the requirements for the film, such as positive film, negative film, positive film and negative film (the film switch circuit and the printing on the front and back sides should be specially corrected), and the required screen lines and dot shapes . If the layout is large, is the direction of the layout accurate?

2. Regarding the font, the font used should be equipped with an output library. If you use remote fonts, you need to rotate the curve.

3. Whether the content of the film switch panel is faulty, usually including whether the font has random codes, whether the graphics are color separated, whether there are static lines, whether there are scratches on the film, etc.

4. Whether the film surface is dirty. Sometimes liquid medicine and machine track rollers may cause stains on the surface of the film, thereby affecting the print quality.

5. Alignment issues: Whether the positioning points and corners are complete, and whether each film is strictly aligned. In addition, because of film extraction and the accuracy of the imagesetter, the monochrome version produced later cannot be strictly aligned with the previous version. All films must be output together, otherwise, the color removal may be inaccurate.

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