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Precautions For Use Of Membrane Switch

1. The bubble film lined between the membrane switch is to reduce the pressure of the button and prevent failure, which should be retained.

2. The transparent film covering the front and back of the membrane switch is to protect the display window of the membrane switch. Don't tear it off at will.

3. After taking out several membrane switches, bundle them as they are, but never too tightly.

4. Film surface stickers and membrane switches with hand feel and large quantities need to be packed vertically to prevent the keys from failing due to heavy pressure for a long time.

5. The outgoing line of membrane switch shall be protected well, and shall not be placed downward;

6. When holding and placing the membrane switch with display window, prevent the material from being bent by force and leave creases.

7. The membrane switch shall be stored in the room at normal temperature, and shall be dust-proof and moisture-proof. There shall be no acid, alkaline or other corrosive gas in the surrounding air.

Usage of membrane switch

1. Clean the surface to be fitted with the membrane switch (the surface to be fitted shall be flat, rust free, oil-free and dust-free).

2. Compare the size (put the membrane switch at the place to be pasted to compare whether the size position is right or not).

3. Peel off the centrifugal paper at the bottom of the membrane switch from the edge for about 10 mm.

4. Then put the membrane switch in the corresponding position and stick it to a part, then slowly tear off the remaining centrifugal paper (under the condition of no more than 15 degrees angle), and then stick it to the corresponding position in turn.

5. If the membrane switch of the centrifugal paper on the opposite side needs to be placed first during the pasting process, it should be placed on the opposite side upward to prevent other objects from affecting the pasting.

6. Precautions: Paste can not be repeated, it needs to be completed at one time. The tearing angle cannot exceed 15 degrees. When trying to feel the touch, be sure to lay it flat on the desktop and then press it. Do not hold it in your hand and press it, otherwise the service life of the membrane switch will be affected.

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