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The Thickness of the Membrane Switch Material and Line Layer Substrate Material

The thickness of the membrane switch material

The thickness of the plastic substrate is 0.25 mm or less is called a membrane, which is mainly used as the panel layer of the membrane switch. The back of the panel layer is printed with various indicative patterns and words to indicate the operation area of corresponding switch key position. The thickness selection should be based on the size of the panel and key. The material is thick, the contact force is increased, and the response is slow; the material is too thin, the touch is poor, and the rebound is not obvious. The thickness above 0.25 mm is called a plate, which is not suitable for solid key forming. It can be used as the indicative sign panel in the operation area without a key, or as the lining plate of the membrane switch to improve its hardness.

Thin-membrane switching layer printing material:

The base material for making the circuit shall be polyester (polyPhthalic acid glycol ester) film(PET). It has good insulation and heat resistance, high mechanical strengthTransparenceandAir tightness is an ideal material for making thin-film switch circuits.

1. Flexible membrane switch

Flexible membrane switchyesThin film switchTypical form of. This type of membrane switch is called flexible because the mask layer, isolation layer and circuit layer of the film switch are made up of various kinds of software films.

Flexible membrane switch the circuit layer is made of polyester film with good electrical performance(PET) is used as the carrier of switch circuit graphics. Due to the influence of the properties of polyester film, the film switch has good insulation, heat resistance, bending resistance and high resilience. The diagram of the switch circuit, including the on-line and outgoing lines of the switch, is low resistance and solidified at low-temperature Electrical conductivity The paint is printed. Therefore, the composition of the whole membrane switch has certain softness, which is not only suitable for the use of the plane body but also can cooperate with the curved surface body. The outgoing line of the flexible membrane switch is integrated with the switch body itself. When making the group switch on-line, it is gathered at a certain place of the membrane and extends outwards according to the designated position and standard wire distance of the design, as a flexible, flexible and sealed outgoing line, it is connected with the rear circuit of the whole machine.

2. Hard film switch:

Hard film switch refers to the switch graphics and circuits that are produced in generally printed circuits Up. The characteristics of the hard film switch are easy to use, stable technology, low resistance, and direct welding of some components in the circuit on the back. In the case of a small area, the hard lining layer can be omitted. The hard film switch generally uses a metal guide plate as the conduction labyrinth contact, so it has a better hand feeling. The disadvantage is that it is not convenient to install and connect the soft film switch in the whole machine, so it often needs to weld the plug-in and pass that cable Bring the leader out. The information feedback of the hard film switch eliminates the buzzer signal in addition to the LED indication, metal feels spring is generally used.

3. Flat film switch:

Thin-film switch the button, the position, shape, and size of the key body are represented by different colors, which is more common in the initial stage of the membrane switch. Stereo film switch: In general, the buttons on the membrane switch only use color to express the position, shape, and size of the key body. In this way, the accuracy of the operation can only be recognized by the operator's vision, because there is no appropriate feedback information to show whether the fingers press the effective range of the switch to make the switch move, thus affecting the confidence of the whole machine monitoring and the speed of operation. The utility model relates to a film switch which makes the key opening body slightly raised, slightly higher than the panel and forms a three-dimensional shape, which is called a three-dimensional key switch. The stereo key can not only give the range of the key accurately, improve the recognition speed, make the operator's touch more sensitive, but also improve the decorative effect of the product appearance. the manufacture of the solid key must be arranged at the design stage of the panel, with process holes, so as to have accurate positioning when the mold is pressed, and the height of its solid protrusion should not be more than twice the thickness of the base material. In order to make the appearance of the product beautiful, the protrusion of the protrusion film switch can be varied.

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