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Rigid And Flexible Membrane Switch Substrate Thickness

Rigid membrane switch means and the line switch pattern is formed on the common printed circuit CCL. Features rigid membrane switch is then drawn text, process stability, low resistance, some components can be directly welded on the back surface of the circuit. In the case of the small size, the rigid backing layer may be omitted.

Rigid membrane switch is generally used as the conductive metal guide plate contact labyrinth, so better feel. The downside, is installed in the machine is a less flexible film with an easy switch, plug and often requires welding wire drawn out through a flat cable. Feedback rigid membrane switch except for beep signal, LED indication, metallic feel can be generally dome.

The flexible membrane switch is typically in the form of membrane switches. Such a flexible membrane switch is called, because of the mask layer of the membrane switch, an isolation layer, a circuit layer entirely of various properties of films composed of software. A circuit layer of the flexible membrane switch, good electrical properties are used as a polyester film (PET) carrier switch circuit pattern.
Due to the nature of the polyester film has, so that the membrane switch has good insulating properties, heat resistance, fracture resistance, and higher resilience. The pattern switching circuit includes a switch and the lead line are low resistance, low-temperature cure conditions of the conductive coating formed by printing. Therefore, the composition of the entire membrane switch, having certain flexibility, not only suitable for use on a planar body, and also with the surface thereof.

The flexible membrane switch and switch lead body itself is integral, in the production-line switch groups, which is collected in the film at a certain, according to the design criteria specified location and extending outwardly from a line, a soft, can be bent, and is connected to the rear circuit wire and lead seal machine.

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