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The Role of Materials in the Design of Membrane Panel Products

Switch products are ubiquitous in people's daily life, and people are in contact with such products all the time. As the basis of the product, materials can not only provide people with different visual experience, but also provide users with a more direct tactile experience, which affects users' lives.

In the design of membrane switch panel products, the specific functions of its material are summarized as follows:

(1) Improve the easy-to-use characteristics of the product.

The visual and tactile sense of the product is caused by the material texture and product structure. Good material texture can improve the usability of the product.

(2) Increase the decoration of the product.

A good visual texture can improve the decoration of the overall design of industrial products, and can also complement the beauty of form that is difficult to replace by shape and color.

(3) Improve product economy.

Good artificial texture can replace and make up for the natural texture. Membrane switch panels use more economical materials instead of expensive material to achieve the economic efficiency of industrial products.

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