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Excellent Characteristics of Membrane Switch Circuits

The membrane circuit is a membrane switch without a panel. Due to its softness, the main features are as follows:

1. The membrane switch circuit is small and light

The weight of the general membrane switch ranges from several grams to tens of grams, which is very convenient to carry and disassemble.

2. Beautiful membrane switch circuit

Modern and perfect silk screen technology, with perfect design, can produce any pattern you need.

3. The tightness of the membrane switch circuit

Using unique technology, the membrane switch can be waterproof, oil-proof, anti-pollution, anti-static and other functions.

4. Excellent conductivity of the membrane switch circuit

The circuit of the membrane switch can be printed with carbon paste, silver paste, copper platinum, etc. The conductive layer can be folded at will and the resistance can be controlled at any resistance required. In addition, using unique technology, the membrane switch made by membrane switches manufacturers can even withstand a high-voltage shock of hundreds of thousands of volts without damaging its function.

5. Low cost of membrane switch circuit

The price of some thin-film circuits is really low. Compared with a product with such a multi-functional electronic component, its price advantage is not comparable to other similar products.

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