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What Materials are Used for the Panel Layer of Electronic Membrane Switches?

The electronic membrane switch panel layer is mostly made of single-sided matte polycarbonate, and the graphics, symbols, color blocks, etc. are printed on the smooth surface of the polycarbonate membrane by the method of screen tear printing. They respectively play a nominal, decorative and prompt role on the panel. Therefore, different process measures must be taken in the screen production.

Similar to general plastic membrane screen printing, membrane switch panel screen printing needs to pre-press the printing membrane before it is printed. To ensure that the graphics and text on the electronic membrane switch panel are clear and free from wear, the graphics and text should be printed on the back of the panel, that is, printed on the non-touch surface of the panel. The text on the panel plays the role of indicating, transmitting instructions, and stating content. It requires the smoothness of the screen printing edge and the integrity of the strokes. Therefore, the membrane layer of the text screen must have a certain thickness to ensure the thickness of the screen printing handwriting, so that the handwriting can be clear, durable, eye-catching and beautiful. Photosensitive films of different thicknesses are suitable for different occasions.

For example, a thin membrane should be used for fine text to improve the clarity of the handwriting; light text or graphics should be printed directly with three primary colors, with thicker membrane to make the hue more pure. In addition, the panel layer of the membrane switch is usually provided with a transparent window, and its function is to reflect whether a certain switch function is established or not and reflect the working status of the whole machine, so that the operator or other personnel can monitor the whole machine.

There are many varieties in plastic oil, but their properties are different. From the technological point of view, the transparent window should improve the luminous effect of LED and LCD. Of course, this is related to the selection of the transparent star color matching the wavelength of the luminous element. From the point of view of preparing transparent window screens, it is advisable to adopt direct method to make plates. For example, for nitrogen photosensitive glue, the membrane thickness should be as thin as possible, and the screen should also be a single-filament thin screen to make the inner layer of the transparent window thin and uniform so as to maintain the display effect of the light-emitting element.

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