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Flexible Membrane Switch Is Typical in Membrane Switch

Waterproof flexible membrane switch is a typical form of membrane switch. This type of membrane switch is called flexible because the mask layer, isolation layer, and circuit layer of the membrane switch are all made up of flexible films of various properties. The circuit layer of flexible film switch adopts PET film with good electrical performance as the carrier of switch circuit pattern. This layer also contains handle spring piece and upper and lower circuits. Due to the influence of the properties of polyester film, the film switch has good insulation, heat resistance, bending resistance and high resilience. The graphics of the switch circuit, including the on-line switch and its lead-out wire, are printed with conductive coating cured at low temperature with low resistance. Therefore, the composition of the whole membrane switch has a certain degree of flexibility, which is not only suitable for use on the plane body, but also can be used with the curved body. The lead-out wire of the flexible membrane switch is integrated with the switch body itself. When making the group switch on-line, it is gathered in a certain place of the film, and extends outward according to the position and standard line distance specified by the design. As a flexible and sealed lead-out wire, it is connected with the rear circuit of the whole machine.

The flexible waterproof membrane switch has many advantages such as good waterproof, dustproof and oil-proof functions, harmful gas corrosion resistence, stable and reliable performance, light weight, small size, long life, easiness to install and connect, whose panel can be washed without damage to the characters, richness in color, beauty. 

To use membrane switches is to make your products have more characteristics of the times. The main type of membrane switch panel is based on a rigid or flexible printed circuit board, with or without touch buttons installed, and then it is covered with plastic (polycarbonate PC, polyester PET, etc.) membrane panels printed with colorful decorative patterns. It is an electronic component integrating switch function and decorative function, and is a new type of man-machine dialogue interface. The connection between the switch circuit and the whole machine can be completed by welding or plugging.

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