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Successful Application Of Membrane Panel In Washing Machine

Membrane switch panels have been widely used in our daily appliances. They have gone out of the field of machine tools, extending from industry to our daily lives. With the continuous improvement of technology, common equipment in our lives has become intelligent, such as washing machines and refrigerators.

Membrane switch panels have also been successfully applied to the washing machine, changing the traditional button form. The membrane panels are not only flexible in operation, but also can prevent damage or accidents caused by the intrusion of water. So what are the advantages of the successful use of membrane panels in washing machines?

1. Durability

The switch on the washing machine is responsible for many functions such as washing, dehydrating, and draining the washing machine. Because of the rapid development of technology nowadays, many washing machines are equipped with computer control chips, so the button will be aging after repeated touch for a long time. Though ordinary switches are usually worn out and damaged after thousands of times, membrane switches are durable in principle, and can be used repeatedly up to tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of times, the principle of which makes membrane switch become a leader in the switch industry.

2. Security

Since it is a washing machine, the operator will inevitably have the possibility to wet hands, so if the old-fashioned switch does not have a good waterproof device, it may cause electric shock. At this point, the membrane panel is 100% waterproof , and water can even be poured directly on the switch. Because of this feature, the membrane switches will also be given priority in equipment of many other industries.

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