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What Are the Repair Steps for the Membrane Switch Keys

Membrane switch is a kind of switch that is resistant to environment. Anti-environment is able to resist harsh external environment, such as dirt, temperature and moisture. Although the performance is strong, there will be failures, so what are the steps to repair the membrane switch repair?

1. First disassemble the membrane switch panel, and then lift the upper layer of the button film. Use a multimeter to find out the connection position of each key switch point and the circuit board to ensure that the modified switch connection point corresponds to the original one.

2. Use a positioning cone to tap the hole on the metal plate at each switch point of the base film. The size of the perforation is slightly larger than the actual size to ensure that the emblem-type switch key column does not move up and down in the hole. If the hole is too small, it will affect the elastic effect of the switch and cause the switch to fail.

3. Compare the distance of each small hole on the golden moon plate. Fix the micro switch on the printed board, and connect the connecting wire according to the corresponding connecting point of each switch. Together, set aside the corresponding printed board edge to fix the switch board according to the actual space between the metal plate and the display board. Since the new switch board is located between the metal plate and the indicator light display board, it is also necessary to punch holes corresponding to the indicator lights on the display board. In order to ensure that the luminous tube of the display board can see the obvious signal from the panel through the printed board. There must be a certain distance between the circuit and the two boards to prevent short circuits.

4. Embed the manufactured printed switch board in the small hole corresponding to each key switch and the metal plate. If the overboard surface is too high, the switch will be suppressed and cannot be used after the outer panel film is restored. If it is too low, the switch is not in place and cannot be operated when pressed by hand. After inserting the broken switch board, use the rubber pad to level it and use it again. Paste the left glue on the metal board, and then restore the outer protective film of the panel. The modification process is complete. The modified switch board has a very good operating feel. There is a clear sound of shrapnel when the button is pressed, giving a very intuitive feeling of switching on and off. It has a long service life and high reliability. If there is a problem with a switch during operation, it can be directly judged and replaced by the sound of the shrapnel of the membrane switch button.

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